There is no imperfection that we cannot perfect...............

What makes us so successful and sets us apart from our competitors in an incredibly over populated web and graphic design market, is our unique business model. 
We have nearly a 100% customer retention rate due to our excellent customer service model and invite any prospective client to try our service and see for themselves that Her Design is the ultimate web and graphic design solution. 
Each and every client is consulted with initially either by a senior project planner or our managing director, Michelle Vermaak, who is also our chief web and graphic designer. No matter how basic or advanced the client’s requirements are, we are firm believers that in order to fully assess a client’s needs it is important to discuss the requirements face to face, or where this is not possible via Skype.

These complimentary consultations are key to our success as not only do we get to know our client’s exact requirements, but we are also able to offer our clients solutions they either do not know exists or do not realise would benefit them to the extent that it does, or have no idea how affordable the right solution actually is. 
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